Education, Education, Education


It has been a busy week! On top of our work with 1st4sport and the NSPCC (more on that later), we are very pleased to announce that the BKC is now a member of the the Education Expert Reference Group. The group is made up of representatives from a number of leading sports governing bodies and aims to inform the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s influencing work, share good practice and facilitate…


Me, Myself and the BKC


I love this sport. It changed my life in so many ways and it has carried me through many ups and downs. As our dream of recognition draws nearer, I’ve been looking back at the journey the BKC has made and looking forward to the future we’re building. I won’t spend too much time on the BKC’s past, since I reported on most of it already and its still available…


BKC To Work With NSPCC


On the back of last week’s announcement that we have accredited our fist club with the Kickboxing Kitemark, a benchmark of quality for the sport, we are now very pleased to announce that we have been asked to join the NSPCC Safeguarding in Marital Arts and Combat Sports Working Group. As such, we will be helping to support the NCPCC in building stronger guidelines and governance within our sport in relation to…


Introducing Our New Public Relations Officer


The British Kickboxing Council is very pleased to announce that we have appointed Pia Mackenzie as our new Public Relations Officer. Pia brings with her an impressive record of success across Europe and currently holds the position of Marketing and Communications Director at Tennis Scotland. Other achievements to date include working on the marketing team for the ATP Mercedes Cup and the WTA Mallorca Open, as project leader for sponsorship at the…