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What Is Kickboxing

What Is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is an individual multi-discipline sport that makes use of the body’s full range of motion and challenges the athlete both physically and mentally.  The primary disciplines are split into Mat Sports and Ring Sports: Mat Sports – Semi-Contact (aka Points), Light-Contact (aka Continuous) and Forms. Ring Sports – Full Contact and K1. All of the above (except for Forms) are considered Combat Sports, pitting two athletes against each other in bouts…

Get Started

How To Get Started

We understand that starting something new can be daunting; especially a new sport. So, if you’re looking to get into Kickboxing, this is the page for you! We’ve put together a whole load of useful information aimed at getting you started on your new sporting journey including independent equipment reviews and even a few pointers on some basic techniques. We have also included some information on etiquette when training and competing, as well…

Find A Club

How Do I Find A Club?

There are literally thousands of Kickboxing clubs all over the country and picking the right one for you can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at. A key thing to remember is that different people practice Kickboxing for different reasons. For instance, people train in Kickboxing for: Fitness Self-Defence Competitions Self-confidence A social activity Just a bit of fun! The good news is, Kickboxing is great for…


What Does It All Mean?

Learn The Lingo It can be confusing coming into a new sport and not understanding all the terms. We have covered the differences between the various Kickboxing disciplines and a few basic techniques elsewhere in this section, but for a definition of a few common Kickboxing terms check out our short glossary below. Here is an example: Kick – any kind of kick (stop me if I’m going too fast). To be…


Women’s Sports Week

Forget Ladies Night, this 3rd-9th October is Women’s Sports WEEK! After another fantastic Olympic and Paralympic Games for Team GB in Rio, our friends over at the WomensSportsNetwork (WSN) are helping to promote a week dedicated to getting more women involved in sport all around the UK. Clubs can get involved by promoting their #FemaleFriendly classes on the WSN’s ActiveMapX, a free service provided in partnership with SofaDodger that helps women…


Club Focus: Mavericks Guildford

What Is Club Focus? By now, you’ve probably spent plenty of time enjoying the events in Rio and have been inspired to get active and try out something new. Kickboxing may not yet be part of the Olympic experience (yet!) but it is still one of the fastest growing participation sports in the country. To get involved you have two options; you can watch action movies and try and learn the…

ACMAC Kitemark

Presenting Our Second Kitemark Club

A massive congratulations from all of us at the BKC to Andy Crittenden and the ACMAC Team for their completion of the BKC Kickboxing Kitemark Accreditation process. They have become the second full-time centre in the UK to meet the standards set by the BKC and were awarded their certificate earlier this week by BKC Standards Board Representatives, Klaire Heap and Gary Spencer. We are proud to be the 2nd…