Our Role

The British Kickboxing Council is an organisation made up of representatives from bodies that already hold varying levels of governance and control over their sector of the sport. Decisions made by the Council are carried down through our Member Bodies to their respective clubs, teams, coaches and athletes. Likewise, individuals from within a Member Body can filter feedback and suggestions back up the chain to the BKC Executive Board and can even raise their issues directly at our Annual General Meeting. Ultimately, the Executive Board works for the members of the BKC and for the sport as a whole.

As such, our role is one of governance, guidance and support:


  • We provide Kickboxing clubs and organisations with a central point of governance for areas such as Health & Safety, Professional Practice, Child Protection, Equality In Sport, Anti-Drugs and Fair Play.
  • We have created the Kickboxing Kitemark Bronze, Silver and Gold standards, each with their own criteria aimed at both creating and rewarding clubs and coaches who meet the high standards expected of them and who promote the values and goals of the BKC
  • We aim to provide our members, athletes, parents and everyone else within the sport with the best possible service


  • We set and manage the unified rules of Kickboxing, as well as qualifying and raising the standards of officials through the Professional Referees Association
  • We have started to raise the standards of the sport, including providing a means certify the grading of Unified Black Belts through the BKC Examinations Board
  • We work with both member bodies and external bodies, presenting a united front for the sport


  • We look to create or utilise new technologies and opportunities to help benefit the sport
  • We constantly look for new ways to both benefit those within the sport, and use the sport to benefit the wider community
  • We continually seek to improve upon everything we do


  • We run, sanction and promote Kickboxing events across Great Britain
  • We provide guidance to coaches, instructors, athletes and promoters to aid in their efforts within the sport as a whole
  • We encourage social cohesion and community development using Kickboxing as a medium for positive change


  • We are promoting Kickboxing to the wider community as a fun and effective means of getting fit and healthy, and as an exciting sport full of opportunities
  • We provide coaches and instructors with a means of continually raising their standards, through guidance and the delivery of the country’s only sector specific, but style neutral and association, coaching qualification in the form of the Edexcel accredited Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Martial Arts Instruction and Club Coaching
  • Our aim is to better educate those within the sport, and better educate the wider community about the benefits of participation and involvement with Kickboxing

For more information about the BKC, or if you have any specific questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch at info@the-bkc.co.uk.

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