Professional Referees Association

On 10th February 2012 the BKC created the Professional Referees Association, a subsidiary body run by a committee of senior referees from each of the BKC’s member organisations with the sole purpose of assessing, accrediting, re-assessing and managing all Kickboxing referees in the country


By creating a formal refereeing qualification (a Level 3 BTEC Award in Sport Martial Arts Refereeing), the BKC now has a unified, standardised and quality assured process by which all officials can be assessed. Combined with a standard refereeing course, this qualification will form the basis for PRA Certification.


Each referee will qualify in at least one of Semi-Contact, Light-Contact, Full-Contact, MMA Light and/or Forms and will only be required to officiate in bouts/demonstrations which fall under that bracket. Each bracket will also include several sub-categories, such as Central Referee, Assistant Judge or 4th Official/Table Official.


To ensure that the high standards required of PRA Certified Referees are maintained, each official will be required to undergo regular assessments in order to retain their current level of accreditation and in order to attain a higher level (eg. promotion to an International Grade Official).


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