The IKF Was Established in July of 1992 by co-founders Steve Fossum (Left) & Dan Stell (Right). Both Stell and Fossum created the foundation of the IKF from their knowledge and experience as past
Kickboxers (Over 100 bouts between them and multiple titles), Trainers of Champions and Kickboxing Event Promoters.

In July, of 1996, Mr. Stell parted ways with the IKF as Vice President to pursue other desires. During this time he fought 2 more kickboxing bouts before retiring from the fighting ring. Today, along with his other job, he’s an event official for not only the IKF but many organizations as well as an event promoter.

In December of 1996, the IKF website was created by IKF Web Coordinator Yancey Gillis and IKF President Steve Fossum. The site was launched in January 1997 at www.jps.net/ikf. The new site address today is of course, www.IKFKickboxing.com. The ability to provide immediate news updates along with instant updates for events, rankings, rules & regulations to millions around the World was surly the key to the Worldwide success that the IKF has today.

IKF expanded it’s growth in the United Kingdom with the relationship of Alby Bimpson of England in 1998. Together with his direct associates, Jacqui Thompson (Retired from the IKF Europe in 2005) and Mick Fowles, the IKF started sanctioning events in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as Portugal, Russia, Greece and other European Countries. Bimpson and Fowles played important rolls in sanctioning IKF events throughout Europe in unison with the IKF World Headquarters in California, USA up until their termination in December of 2006

In 2007, Neil Holden took the position of Director for IKF Europe. He remained in this position until increasing family and business commitments no longer gave him the time to do the job that he felt required to do. Holden remains very much a part of the IKF team and continues to promote his very successful events with IKF sanctioning.

Replacing Holden was Carl Sams and Colin Payne, both previously in charge of IKF Full Contact activity in the United Kingdom. Both are part of a strong and hard working IKF Europe Team.They are currently fosusing on growth and activity in the United Kingdom as Co-Directors for IKF Europe under all IKF rule styles and they continue this position today.

The IKF World Headquarters in the USA oversee IKF World Operations with the rest of the IKF World Team.


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