Who Dares Wins


The British Kickboxing Council have been asked to take part in the hunt for brave, battle-hardened men who think they’re tough enough to face the same challenges faced by SAS hopefuls! “Selection”, as its known in the forces, is the toughest military entry test in the world. The real thing is open only to serving members of the Armed Forces and has a pass rate of around one in 10, but courtesy of Channel…


Paul’s Champion


In this time for family and new beginnings, BKC Ambassador Hailey Hanson, shares with us what motivates her to keep striving to be the best; the loss of her uncle, Paul. As you can see from the short, but emotional interview below, your loved ones can inspire you to greatness even after they’re gone. Never lose sight of why you train, never lose sight of your goals, and you are sure…


Is Real What People Want?


We all know that Kickboxing gets a hard deal compared other sports, but a new threat is on the horizon… and it can shoot fireballs from it’s hands. Before I continue, I have something to confess; I live a double life (sadly not as Batman). By day I’m a leading games tester for the Xbox and by night (and any other time I get spare) I help to govern this…