Game Of Belts


2015 saw the departure of Ste Raybould (photo credit: Phil Putton) from the fight scene after a very convincing win against a very talented fighter in Dan Speed. Dan attacked with terrier like speed coming forward throughout the whole fight, but Ste soaked up everything that was thrown at him and more, doing more than enough to convince the judges. Ste hung up his gloves after the fight and took a…


We Need Structure


Once again, the need for better governance over our sport (something the BKC have been working on for over five years now) has been highlighted by something as simple as a team selection. A post on social media from one of the sport’s most well-known public figures has sparked a torrent of complaints about a variety of issues, all aimed squarely at one organisation (which shall remain nameless). The original post…


World Power Show 2016


Update: The venue for this event has changed to the even more spacious and far more easily accessible, ExCeL London! “Attended by over 30,000 visitors the World Power Show & Expo provides a fantastic day out and incredible experience for all.” Next year, the World Power Show will take place at the fantastic ExCeL London and will play host to a wide range of demonstrations, live shows and competitions. The British Kickboxing…


Its FightTime!


As a coach, I am often telling my students about upcoming competitions that I’ve seen are happening on Facebook or been told about by another coach, but I’ve never really had anywhere I can look to see what’s going on throughout the year. The BKC’s centralised calendar was the first step towards rectifying this problem, but telling your students to go to twenty different websites to register for the events…