The British Kickboxing Council is comprised of representatives from some of Britain’s most influential Sport Martial Arts Associations. Formed in 2009, the BKC represents a truly significant step forward in the development of the Sport Martial Arts, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience for the sole purpose of fairly governing our great sport and leading it towards official recognition from UK Sport.

Each and every decision made by the Council is done so on a democratic basis, with neutrality maintained by the presence of a representative from a body which stands to see no direct gain, financial or otherwise, from any decision made. At present, this body is the RAF Marital Arts Association, who’s representative – Paul Fowler – currently holds the position of Chairman of the Executive Council.

It is this neutrality and “one for all – all for one” approach to the governance of the sport that has lead the Council to achieve such great results in such a short amount of time. As recognition grows ever closer, and following the completion of the recognition process, the duties of the Council will increase. At present, however, the Council is responsible for maintaining and updating a neutral set of:

  • Competition rules (Light-Contact, Semi-Contact, Freestyle Forms, Weapons Forms etc.)
  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Child Protection Policies
  • Equality & Diversity Policies
  • Refereeing Standards
  • Coaching Standards
In addition to base-line documentation, the BKC have also developed the world’s first Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Martial Arts Instruction and Club Coaching (available at Award, Certificate and full Diploma level), which even incorporates a full qualification in Combat Sport Refereeing. This qualification is open to anyone and everyone, from any style or association, regardless of their affiliation to the BKC. It is our goal to improve the overall standards of coaching within the Martial Arts in this country, irrespective of the Art itself.If you have your own Association or Club Group and would like to join the BKC, please contact us at for more information.If you are an Instructor or Club Owner, please visit our online registration page, here.

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