BKC Kitemark

BKC Kitemark FullThe British Kickboxing Council has always been committed to raising the standards of the sport as a whole across the UK. Not just the standard of our athletes, or the quality of Kickboxing on show at the numerous tournaments and fight-nights that take place around the country every week, but an overall raising of the bar for the sport as a whole. We applaud the efforts put in by those individuals and groups around the country who are already pushing themselves to achieve more and be more, and fully understand just how difficult that can be without the support and guidance of an organisation such as ourselves.

Although we have several projects aimed at pushing our elite athletes to the next level, we firmly believe that it is at the grass-roots level where champions are made. As such, we have introduced a brand new system of Club and Coach accreditation known as the BKC Kickboxing Kitemark.

Designed to fall in line with guidelines and regulations laid down by the Sports Councils here in the UK, attaining the BKC Kitemark is a sign that a club, coach, team or association has:

  • attained a high standard of best practices
  • achieved the appropriate qualifications and certification
  • met BKC Health & Safety, Child Protection, Equality & Diversity and Community Development policy requirements
  • committed to continued development of these standards

The goal is not only to reward those individuals and groups who have reached these high standards, but also to help those clubs to further their growth by providing a wide range of resources and support. In turn, we hope that this will not only increase attendance and quality at club level, but also raise the profile of the sport as a whole and lead us all on to bigger and brighter future. In addition, clubs that attain the BKC Kitemark will also be well on their way to meeting the criteria necessary to apply for ClubMark accreditation once Kickboxing has achieved recognition. For more information about ClubMark, click here.

Finally, the BKC Kitemark acts as a means of reassuring club members, parents and members of the local community that the club is being run safely, with a solid foundation and a well-built structure.

Not affiliated with the BKC? No problem! Want to get started? Download the BKC-Kitemark-Starter-Pack here!
This pack contains a PDF of the basic criteria required to attain the BKC Kickboxing Kitemark as well as the following templates and documentation to get you started:

1 – Code of conduct for club officials and volunteers
2 – Guidelines for dealing with an accident/incident
3 – Accident/incident report form
4 – Attendance register
5 – Junior membership form
6 – Role outline- Head Junior Coach/Instructor
7 – Role outline- Welfare officer
8 – Risk assessment form
Starter Pack Sample9 – Equity policy statement
10 – Equity Action Plan
11 – Constitution
12 – Code of conduct for parents/carers
13 – Code of conduct for junior members
14 – Introductory letter to parents/carers

Once you have everything in place, simply send us your supporting documentation and completed Checklist to info@the-bkc.co.uk for review and we will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible!

Need help with your application or want to receive these documents in a different format? Just get in touch at info@the-bkc.co.uk.