Projects (2016)

received_10156202455415253-1Unified Referee Courses

With competitions around the UK now using modified BKC rules, the Professional Referees Association has turned it’s attention to those officiating these events. The PRA aims to deliver the first Unified Referee Courses in 2016, focussing initially on:

  • 4th Officials
  • Assistant Referees (Semi-Contact)
  • Judges (Light-Contact)
  • Central Referee (Semi- and Light-Contact)

The courses cover everything from area management to medical emergencies and scoring points to disciplinary actions. These are the most comprehensive refereeing courses available in the UK and will certify you to officiate at any BKC or BKC Member Body event in the country. Attendance to these courses will also automatically add you to the PRA Register of Officials, while completing certification grants you full membership to the Professional Referees Association.
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BKC Kickboxing KitemarkBKC Kitemark

Following successful trials of the scheme in 2015, the BKC is now fully rolling out the BKC Kitemark Accreditation Program for 2016. The purpose of the program is to help raise the overall standard of Kickboxing clubs around the country, especially with regards to Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity. The goal is not, however, to simply certify those clubs who already meet the long list of criteria and leave others to fend for themselves. Rather, the aim is to raise every club in the country up to at least the minimum standards laid out by both the BKC and UK Law, with the BKC guiding club representatives through the process.
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