Council Members

The British Kickboxing Council has a simple governance structure. At the top is the Executive Council, who have been chosen by all voting members of the BKC to act as the heads of the organisation and to take up specific roles within the BKC. Many of these posts are held by Neutral representatives to ensure that no one Member Body can be seen to have too much control over the Council or the sport.

The main portion of the Council is made up of National and Regional representatives from the BKC’s many Member Bodies. They provide the Council with a point of contact for their organisation and act as the voice of the BKC in their area. In addition, these members have a vote at the Annual General Meeting and can voice concerns, propositions and ideas at both the AGM and Executive General Meeting. Finally, these representatives vote to decide who among them (or from an external body as appropriate) takes up the various positions on the Executive Council and within the numbers Committees. For more information on the BKC’s governing structure, click here.

Lastly, Associate Members, Provisional Members and Specialist Consultants are permitted to attend and raise points at the AGM, as well as attend the EGM as appropriate/by invitation. Associate Members represent bodies who have expressed a commitment to the development of our sport, but which have not yet met the full BKC Membership Criteria, while Specialist Consultants offer specific skills and insights aimed at aiding the BKC in one or more projects or areas of governance and as such typically Chair or sit on relevant Committees. Provisional Members are those who’s membership application is still under review.

BKC Structure

BKC Executive Council

Paul Fowler – Chairman

Andrew Hennessy (ICO) – Vice Chairman

David Jenkins – Secretary

Mark Rooker (WTKA) – Quality Officer

Gary Spencer – Chief Health & Safety Officer

Klaire Heap – Chief Safeguarding Officer

Neil Poulton – Senior Treasurer

Peter Felix – Deputy Treasurer

Pia Mackenzie – Public Relations Officer

Associate Members

UK University Kickboxing Organisation (UKO)

World Organisation of Martial Arts Associations (WOMAA)

Welsh Kickboxing Union (W-KU)

World Kickboxing Union – Northern Ireland (WKU-NI)

International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)

World Kickboxing & Karate Council (WKKC)

Provisional Members

International Amateur Kickboxing Sport Association (IAKSA)

World Kickboxing Union – Great Britain (WKU-GB)

British Karate and Kickboxing Association (BKKA)

World Fightsport and Martial Arts Council (WFMC)


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