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The British Kickboxing Council (BKC) is the most influential governing body for Kickboxing in the country, formed by British representatives from some of the largest associations, federations and organisations in the world. The BKC’s governing structure comprises of an Executive Council, Member Body Council, Home Country Representatives and various specialised Committees, all of whom are appointed using the same democratic processes which help ensure the neutrality of the BKC. Our Annual General Meetings are open to anyone who shares our goal of promoting and growing Kickboxing, which helps us to ensure that we are always working to meet the needs of not only our members, but the sport as a whole.

We exist to to provide guidance and support for Kickboxing in a way that not only represents all individuals and groups within our sport, but which constantly seeks to improve upon our high standards. Our areas of governance include: Semi-Contact (Points), Light-Contact (Continuous), Full Contact and Freestyle Forms (including Martial Gymnastics).  For more on the role played by the BKC in the sport, visit Our Role.

Our goal is to be the world leader in Kickboxing, by constantly seeking to raise our standards and those of the whole sport, regardless of membership to the BKC or its member bodies. We aim to unite the sport within Great Britain and use the BKC as a positive example internationally, for the unification of the sport around the word, In addition, the BKC are the only Kickboxing body to be members of the Sport and Recreation Alliance and were the very first sporting organisation in the country to have signed up to their Voluntary Code of Good Governance.  We are also registered with Sport Resolutions who aid us in managing disputes within the sport.

The BKC does not enforce a syllabus, class structure or grading structure, as these are enforced by the relevant bodies that fall under the umbrella of the BKC. We do however provide a national rule set for competition, a recommended progression structure and a whole host of other benefits and initiatives designed to make Kickboxing safer, more fun and more rewarding for total beginners, world champions and all those in between. In addition, we have recently introduced a Unified Black Belt Syllabus aimed at accrediting Britain’s first ever Unified Black Belts!

The BKC was formed to represent all participants of the sport of Kickboxing within one body with the ultimate dream of recognition for the sport for ALL. This is a dream that is growing and as new people, associations and organisation embrace this idea our final ambition of recognition draws closer.

The process is not going to be achieved overnight and there is a long road ahead of us all but together we can take the difficult steps together. Our main aim is recognition and through this the BKC intends to assist with the development of the sport from grass roots level all the way to aiding the top participant and competitors. We need never forget that for each and every champion there are thousands waiting for the opportunity to stand where they have stood. The BKC is here to help and through our combined efforts we will develop athletes from all walks of life, from all socio-economical backgrounds and provide the platform by which they can attain their dreams.
But don’t take my word for it, speak to me directly and I will answer the questions you want answers to.

We are working together to make the future brighter for our sport.
Yours in Sport.

Paul Fowler
BKC Chairma

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