Level 3 BTEC Award in Sport Martial Arts Refereeing

Refereeing Sports Martial Arts

Course Description:

This course is provided by Martial Arts Training Ltd. and endorsed by the British Kickboxing Council and Professional Referees Association.  The course consists of 2 separate units which teach the learner the essential skills necessary to become a sports martial arts referee. The units include Health and Safety in the Workplace and Referee Duties and Responsibilities. The course teaches the learner how to apply and administer a generic set of competitive rules. The theory can be applied to any system of competitive combat sport.

The course is style, system and association neutral and is part of a series of courses produced by MAT that are the only martial arts and combat sport based sector specific courses that are nationally recognised and independently quality assured for their content, structure and accreditation.


All those interested in referring sports martial arts or have an interest in developing their skills and working towards a nationally recognised qualification. Please note that this course is a pre-requisite for Full Membership of the Professional Referees Association.


To train the learner in the skills necessary to become a successful and professional martial arts and combat sport referee or official.


Although there are no pre-requisites for this course it would be highly advantageous for the learner to be experienced in a form of martial art or combat sport. In addition, in order to qualify for the Professional Referees Association, the learner must also hold an Association level certificate in officiating some form of competitive Kickboxing. 

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  1. Hi I would like to participate in this course, I am a 4th Dan kickboxing instructor and PE teacher with many coaching and teaching qualifications. I attend many kickboxing competitions with my students and want to get involved as a referee.

    Jeff Gonsalves
    Chief instructor
    Shudan Martial Arts
    BKC member

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