Ross Weir

Represents: BKC Scotland
Fight Name/Alias: none
DOB: 03/04/1995
Weight: 64kg
Discipline: Points/Continuous Fighter
Grade: 2nd Dan Black Belt
Home Town: Elgin, Scotland


Competition Record:
24 Scottish Titles (WUMA, WKA, IASKA, ISKA, WPKA)                                       WUMA British Champion
South Tyneside Open Champion                                                                                  3rd at ICO World Championships

Other Titles and Qualifications
Instructor at Weir Black Belt Academy, WOMAA Scotland Coach and Fighter, Child Protection Certificate, First Aid Training in Sport and Emergency First Aid Certificates and Certificates for Business Management and a Qualified Sports Coach. I will soon be opening another Weir Black Belt Academy, which I will be running myself.

Greatest Achievements:
Passing my First and Second Degrees, Representing Scotland in WKA, ICO and WOMAA World Champions

We Want To Know:

ross3How long have you been in Kickboxing?
I’ve been doing kickboxing for 14 years, since I was 5.

What is it you love about the sport?
As a coach, it’s great seeing somebody that you have trained reaching the highest standards, especially when the kids win; it’s always a great feeling when you see the fighters so happy with their trophies and their parents too! It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that your work has gone a long way, when you see such improvements in fighters.

As a fighter, I love showing my skills at competitions, especially when all the hard work and training pays off! The support of everyone from the club cheering you on is indescribable and I love showing my students and the younger children what is possible with hard work and dedication.

What are your proudest moments within the sport?
Before I started Kickboxing, I wasn’t confident enough and was bullied, but within a year I won a Scottish Title. To see how far I had come within a year at kickboxing was a great achievement in itself, and a personal one too!
I recently coached many fighters in the ICO World Championships, some of whom won categories and came home as World Champions. A lot of hard work and private training sessions went a long way and the improvements in them were remarkable. It made me really proud knowing that I can help others achieve their dreams in the sport.

What are you hoping to achieve as a BKC Ambassador?
As a BKC Ambassador I hope to inspire a generation to do kickboxing and take it to the next level and make them achieve all their dreams in the sport!

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for your success so far?
I would like to thank my Dad as he is my coach and taught me everything I know about the sport and showed me the right and wrongs within kickboxing. He supported me and gave me opportunities such as becoming an instructor and teaching classes at his club, and continued his support when the decision came to open my own studio. I’d also like to thank my Mum as she has helped me set up my own studio and helped me understand what really goes on in a business. Without their continued support, I wouldn’t be where I am today and certainly wouldn’t have been in the sport! I’d also like to thank everyone at Weir Black Belt Academy, your support and encouragement has meant the world to me. I enjoy training with everyone and you have helped me achieve my dreams and I hope that I can help you achieve yours.

What does the future hold for you?
Next year, I am hoping to achieve my 3rd Degree Black Belt and represent WOMAA Scotland at the 2015 WOMAA World Championships. I hope to continue coaching and would love to see my fighters taking home World Titles as well as myself. I hope to see my own club grow and to do well. I would also like to help my Dad grow WOMAA as he is President of WOMAA Scotland. I have also recently started boxing training and am hoping to take it to the next level.

What does the future hold for the sport, in your opinion?
If everyone comes together and takes out the politics within the sport, we can achieve great things. Kickboxing can inspire so many and needs much more recognition, and I believe we can do this if we are willing to work together.

Anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank BKC for giving me the chance to become a BKC Ambassador; it’s a great opportunity and allows me to help kickboxing grow as a sport and finally give it the recognition it deserves.


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