Holly Trick

Represents: BKC Scotland

Fight Name/Alias: Headhunter
DOB: 13/08/1996
Height: 175cm
Weight: -75kg
Disciplines: Points, Continuous
Grade: 1st Degree Black Belt
Home Town: Burghead, Scotland


Competition Record:
Various local titles

Titles and Qualifications:
WTKA Scotland National Squad Member, MAMO Assistant Instructor

Greatest Achievements:
Gaining my First Dan Black Belt

We Want To Know:

Holly Trick 1How long have you been in Kickboxing?
I have been Kickboxing eleven for years now; I started when I moved to Scotland, aged seven.

What is it you love about the sport?
I love the adrenaline rush once you step on the mats and the fact that no matter how hard you train and study, there is always more to learn.

What are your proudest moments within the sport?
I would say obtaining my First Dan Black Belt and qualifying to represent Scotland at the World Championships two years running.

What are you hoping to achieve as a BKC Ambassador?
I would like to spread the word about BKC Scotland, the benefits of taking part and the community spirit of kickboxing. I am also hoping to encourage more people to get involved with the sport.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for your success so far?
I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for starting me on my Martial Arts journey, and especially Craig Smith from Stealth and Mikey Mair from MAMO Health and Wellbeing.

What does the future hold for you?
I’m just starting out on the International Circuit, so I have lots to learn, but also a lot to give back to the sport. I am seriously thinking about getting into the teaching/coaching side of things full time and would love to open my own club!

What does the future hold for the sport, in your opinion?
I would like to see everyone recognised for their talent and dedication by promoting kickboxing as a whole. I would love to see more televised events and eventually inclusion in the Olympics.

Anything else you would like to add?
A massive thank you to the British Kickboxing Council for choosing me as an Ambassador for our sport!


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