Our Ambassadors program is aimed at promoting athletes, coaches and other individuals within our sport who are proactive and involved with both the Kickboxing and wider communities. These individuals represent our sport on the national stage as charity representatives, world champions, youth development officers and all round, hard working people.

For more information on who they are and what they do, click on their profile above! Don’t forget to like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter as well!

BKC England

Kalon Page - Points/Continuous Fighter
Kalon Page – Points & Continuous
Tyler Oxford - Full Contact
Tyler Oxford – Full Contact
Hailey Hutton – Continuous

Caitlin Chapman - Points, Light/Full Contact
Caitlin Chapman – Points, Light & Full Contact

BKC Wales

Daniel Huxtable - Points
Daniel Huxtable – Points
Lauren Woolf - Points & Continuous
Lauren Woolf – Points & Continuous
Kalem John – Light / Full Contact

BKC Scotland

Ross Weir - Points & Continuous
Ross Weir – Points & Continuous
Amber Shearer - Points, Continuous, Forms, Full Contact and K1
Amber Shearer – Points, Continuous, Forms, Full Contact and K1
Holly Trick - Points
Holly Trick – Points / Continuous


BKC Northern Ireland

Jodie Buchanan - Forms
Jodie Buchanan – Forms

BKC/PRA Officials

Paul Newman - Welsh Official
Paul Newman – Welsh Official

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