Onwards and Upwards!

The British Kickboxing Council is very pleased to announce that, as part of our ongoing effort to raise the profile of our sport, we have joined forces with JustUpstairs (www.justupstairs.com), a marketing and communications agency dedicated to sports, music and cultural projects. The agency is based in Germany, but works across global projects and is a perfect fit for the BKC, as they target niche markets within each sector. The goal is for this to be a long-term partnership, aimed at growing the BKC and showing both the general public and potential, just how much our great sport has to offer.

We hope that, through partnership with this specialised agency, the BKC will be able to broaden the public’s knowledge of the sport for potential participants and fans, but also across companies who want to invest in a sport that attracts such a wide demographic. Our goal is for this partnership to bring more structure to the commercial aspect of Kickboxing, through joint ventures such as #ThisGirlCan, which helps to empower women through sport. Kickboxing is great for individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and we want the world to see that.

“We consider ourselves not just as short-term consultants but as ongoing close advisers to our athletes, clubs, events and other partners. We do not necessarily focus just on global projects, but more on unique ideas where we believe our expertise in sponsorship, marketing and communications management can add value to the outcomes. We are delighted to work with such a great organisation, that is making sure that Kickboxing is accessible to everyone in the United Kingdom”.

This partnership aims to benefit individuals just as much as the it will the sport as a whole; JustUpstairs support individual athletes who have a real passion for what they are doing. It is clear that our athletes earn less than those of more mainstream sports (if anything at all) and JustUpstairs wants to support them in creating a career plan, introducing them to other opportunities and using their knowledge of the market to open the door to potential sponsors.

“Kickboxing is an empowering activity, which needs strategic thinking and a clear mindset, which athletes can use generally in their career. It’s about becoming fit, safe, developing the individual and our role includes introducing companies to a market they might just find fits them perfectly. For these companies, it’s about sponsoring something different and investing in the kind of project that sets them aside.”

This is another exciting step forward for our sport, which we believe will go a long way towards ensuring our ongoing success, growth and legitimacy within the sporting industry, bringing with it a host of benefits for athletes, coaches, clubs, teams, officials and just about everybody else involved in Kickboxing.

David Jenkins

Posted by David Jenkins

Secretary and Founding Member of the British Kickboxing Council and the brains behind FightTime, David also contributes to the GiveMeSport website.

Website: http://fighttime.co.uk

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