BKC To Work With NSPCC

On the back of last week’s announcement that we have accredited our fist club with the Kickboxing Kitemark, a benchmark of quality for the sport, we are now very pleased to announce that we have been asked to join the NSPCC Safeguarding in Marital Arts and Combat Sports Working Group. As such, we will be helping to support the NCPCC in building stronger guidelines and governance within our sport in relation to “Safeguarding Everyone”. The goal is to use this as a starting point for a Safeguarding campaign linked to the NSPCC and we are now working closely with both the NSPCC and other Governing Bodies to ensure Safeguarding becomes a key agenda item and is at the forefront of all the work undertaken by clubs and Member Bodies.

The BKC’s involvement with the NSPCC’s Working Group means that we are now able to work together alongside multiple Martial Arts and Combat Sports authorities, including Boxing England and the British Taekwando Council, to gain a better understanding of Safeguarding needs within our sector and help to share knowledge between those governing it.

“To be asked and given the opportunity to work alongside the NSPCC and other Governing Bodies to ensure Safeguarding is regulated within our sport is an amazing opportunity for the BKC and all Martial Arts and Compact Sports. We at the BKC believe Safeguarding within our sport should be considered in all aspects of the work we undertake, so this is a fantastic move forward for our sport!” – Klaire Heap, BKC Chief Safeguarding Officer

The responsibility of raising Safeguarding standards within Kickboxing falls upon all of us. Don’t forget that your club can do it’s part by filling out our simple online self-assessments, here, and you can also apply for the BKC’s Kickboxing Kitemark, here.

David Jenkins

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