Community Focus: It Was A Very Good Year

To kick off 2016, we take a brief look back at some Team Nemesis’ biggest successes of 2015.  

Austrian Open 2015

6 fighters travelled from Orkney to Austria for the 25th annual WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Austrian Open on May 10th: Ryan Reffell, Reen Reffell, Amy Golder, Caitlin Foran, Martyn Brown and Ian Golder. They were joined by competitors from all over Europe.

Reen Reffell took the first fight of the day with the boys -30kg continuous fighting, putting in an impressive winning performance. Reen then stepped up to fight in the heavier boys -35kg category and fought well, but didn’t manage to get his game plan in to action.

Amy and Caitlin both took a handful of continuous categories between them, ending half of them with TKO.

Ryan and Martyn also took to the mats for the mens continuous fighting. Ryan fought first in the -71kg winning up till the final where he lost against a strong Slovenian fighter and also took a knee injury. Due to injury Ryan decided to save himself for the other three categories later in the day. ‘I hate pulling out of fights’ Ryan said ‘but sometimes you have to think smart especially if there’s more to come, and the gap between the continuous and points I thought would be enough time for me to get my knee sorted, or as best as possible’.

12507004_10207686393733778_1383138507_nMartyn then fought in the -86kg, a heavier category for him, and took a very tall opponent. Although suffering a huge reach disadvantage, Martyn showed great spirit, improving as the fight went on.

The second half of the day brought on the Points fighting; as all ring sports came to an end, it brought the crowd’s attention to the mats.

Reen Reffell fought again in both -30kg and -35kg boys sections, showing an awesome display of timing and narrowly missed out on a double gold.

Amy Golder took every win across all three of her points categories, beating older teenagers and women!

Caitlin Foran dominated her categories, winning by 10 points clear and TKO Victories.

Ryan Reffell took his weight with 10 point clear wins and also went on to dominate the two weight sections above that all with an injured knee.

Martyn brown was only able to fight in the heavier category of +91kg due to other fighter pullouts. His performance a simple and great display of patience and timing, taking a nice clear win in the final against a huge Austrian fighter.

Ian Golder showed great spirit once again, beating a much younger fighter in the mens point fighting category. Ian at the age of 53 showed the ability to still beat fighters 30 years younger!

‘Ian is always an inspiration’ Ryan head instructor said ‘He never quits and is always ring side for every team member. There really isn’t many people you’d want other than this man!’

The final results from the Nemesis Fighters:

12463994_10207686398733903_1183805323_nReen Reffell: 

1st -30kg 12yrs and under boys continuous
1st -30kg 12yrs and under boys point fighting
2nd -30kg 12yrs and under boys continuous
2nd -30kg 12yrs and under boys point fighting

Amy Golder: 

1st -51kg 13-15 years girls continuous
1st -51kg 16-18 years girls continuous
2nd -54kg womens continuous
1st -51kg 13-15 years girls point fighting
1st -51kg 16-18 years girls point fighting

 Caitlin Foran: 

1st -59kg 13-15 years girls continuous
1st -59kg 13-15 years girls point fighting
1st -63kg 13-15 years girls point fighting
1st -59kg 16-18 years girls point fighting

12468293_10207686398293892_965884425_nRyan Reffell: 

1st -71kg mens point fighting
1st -75kg mens point fighting
1st -81kg mens point fighting
2nd -71kg mens continuous

Ian Golder: 

2nd -81kg mens point fighting

Martyn Brown: 

1st +91kg mens point fighting
3rd -86 mens continuous

Total count  from the team: 

14x Gold
5x Silver
1x Bronze

Nemesis Kickboxing Academy would also like to thank Northlink Ferries for their sponsorship for this trip.

G Force Open #2

Orkney pupils; Jake Rendall, Amy Golder and Katie Gorn also travelled to Rugby, England to compete in the 2nd event of a three series of martial arts tournaments.

The tournament is a series of three that some of the fighters have fought at before and are working hard to get to, and stay at the top of the overall leader board.

‘Some amazing performances from the team. This is not an easy tournament to win, Amy herself almost always gets other World and European champions in the first or second round before she even gets the final and this weekend, she managed to make most of them look like beginners!

Katie and Jake also fought well with ups and downs as always, but also showing some very nice techniques. Jake stopped a few fights with some nice techniques and Katie showed immediate improvement in her advance points section which actually blew me away, I just hope that continues now.  Ian Golder, who is still in recovery was by every single fight ringside supporting to the fullest which definitely helped! We are lucky to have him.’ Ryan Reffell head instructor.

12494352_10207686396013835_1848451807_oG Force Competition Results: 

Jake Rendall
3rd Boys -30kg Novice Point Fighting

Katie Gorn
3rd -65kg Girls Intermediate Point Fighting
3rd -45kg Girls Continuous Fighitng

Amy Golder
1st -45kg Girls Advanced Point Fighting
1st -45kg Girls Continuous Fighting
2nd -50kg Girls Advanced Point Fighitng


A very big thank you to Serco Northlink Ferries for their sponsorship and continued support.

From all of us here the BKC, great job in 2015 and keep up the good work for 2016!




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