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Peter Felix, head of Nemesis Martial Arts and Board Member of the BKC is organising a Martial Arts Sponsored Event on 17th June 2012.

“I would like to thank all those seeking to help in the raising of £30,000.00 for Pancreatic Cancer Research UK; one of best cancer charities in the UK this event will take place in June. I am keen to get 1,000 martial artist through-out the UK working together regardless of style or Association working as ONE as together we will make a difference to cancer sufferers by raising much needed funding.

Funding is needed to fight one of the most deadliest cancers around at the moment, if a preventative cure can be found we can save lives, but to find the cure or more cost effective treatment the scientist undertaking research do require funding from charities like the one I am seeking your support for.

The event will take place on the 17th June 2012, though martial arts instructors can help in two ways. With interest coming in from all over the UK, it will not be possible for everyone to descend on Reading, but clubs can hold charity events in their own locality, so here is what I plan to do:

Main Event 

On the 17th we have over 70 martial arts making the trek to Reading, and added with my students we should have over 150/160 people in attendance. Those attending the Reading event will take part in a 100 rounds of mixed light & semi contact, 2-minute rounds of sparring the purpose being to test our endurance & friendship.

Working alongside us will be other fitness professionals (non-martial artist) who will be undertaking a four fitness sponsored event, the Leisure centre has also invited their Zumba coach so it will be a great day, and we will have people providing sport massages for those requiring them. It will be a fun filled day with a serious purpose.

Joint Events

There are many clubs holding events in their locality raising funds to be credited to

The plan is to get 1,000 martial artist through-out the UK, to just raise £30.00 each to help those who need our help, in 2009 we raised £17,000 with just 78 martial artist who spared just 55 rounds, I know like you & those who have already accepted my invitation, you too want to test yourself whilst helping people around you who need our help.
I would advise that you contact your local papers, radio stations to inform them of what you are doing, as that would help our cause to SAVE LIVES.

Thank You”

Please do your part to support this very worthy cause and let us know how you get on with your event and your fund raising! We’ll be posting all the results on our site and on Facebook as they come in! For more information on what Cancer Research UK is doing for Pancreatic Cancer, follow their link below.

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